About Us


Morior Invictus is an independent electronic music record label and an artist and event management firm currently operating from its offices in Chandigarh, India. Born out of the undying passion for electronic music, the company came into existence in April 2015. The company’s founder - Dr. Shivam Sood is an eye surgeon, Ceo & founder of Morior Invictus, a music producer and the resident host of our DJ Mix podcast series – “Invictus Sessions”. 


At Morior Invictus, we believe in quality over quantity and deal with artists as people, not their Facebook likes. If the production standards are what we they should be, we support electronic music regardless of the genre whether it is dubstep, trance, house or electronica. To date, our persistence and hard work has paid off and led us to sign international artists from over 14 different countries. We have represented artists from countries like Sweden, Italy, Finland, U.S.A, UK, Chile, Colombia and some more including India. 


In December 2016, we launched our official DJ podcast “Invictus Sessions” which has garnered some great reviews from the industry and artists whose music we have supported. With support from international publications like DJ Mag NL, Broadway World, Electro Wow, Dmc World etc and international brands like Armin Van Buuren, Sick Individuals and Dada Life etc already subscribed to the company’s promo list, the sky is the only limit for future growth. 


Understanding the artist’s need to play live, the firm is currently working towards launching its own music festivals. We plan to officially announce and launch the 1st Invictus Coliseum festival in the third quarter of 2017.